GENROCO Demonstrates GSN - OC48 Link at CERN

GENEVA, Switzerland, September 15, 2000 -- GENROCO, Inc. (OTCBB: "GRCI'') announced that the company demonstrated its ten gigabit, Gigabyte System Network (GSN) interfaces for high end Sun, IBM, and Compaq UNIX platforms, along with an OC48 bridge to GSN last week at the European High Performance User's Group (EHUG) conference at CERN, Europe's Center for Nuclear Research. In addition, three GENROCO executives along with computer storage & networking experts from IBM, Cisco, SGI, and other organizations made presentations to more than 120 engineers and scientists from around the world.

GENROCO showed it's new OC48 long haul storage interface, developed in partnership with CERN, which can seamlessly transfer data over very long distances at up to 300 megabytes per second. Data was routed from a GENROCO PCI GSN interface in an IBM RS6000 computer, through a GENROCO eight port GSN switch, to a GENROCO GSN to OC48 bridge, over 10 kilometers (6 miles) of cable, back to another bridge, to another switch, finally connected to a PCI GSN interface in a Compaq GS20 computer at the other end. Transfers were sustained at a rate of 220 megabytes per second - about the speed of the Compaq machine's PCI bus, which was the slowest link in the chain. In other tests, the OC48 link sustained over 290 megabytes per second between the GSN endpoints of the GENROCO bridge.

In another exhibit, a Sun E450 computer with a GENROCO GSN interface delivered data to an SGI Origin 2000 with an SGI GSN interface at 90% of the Sun's PCI bus speed (about 175 megabytes per second) using the new Scheduled Transfer (ST) protocol.

GSN is the first ANSI standard, ten gigabit storage and network interface. ST is a high bandwidth, very low host overhead data transport protocol developed to augment TCP/IP in clusters of supercomputers and superservers as well as deliver storage over any network.

"The data analysis of huge physics, biology, and other databases can be spread over high performance computers great distances apart, thanks to host to long haul mechanisms like those we have worked with GENROCO to develop," said Ben Segal, CERN I/O Technology Section Leader and demonstration host, during his talk about the "DataGrid" - the apparent next generation Internet.

Carl Pick, GENROCO Chairman & CEO, who addressed the gathering on the milestones of the industry's GSN and ST development, remarked, "It has been five years since Dr. Greg Chesson from SGI proposed what we now call 'GSN' to the ANSI standards body. We at GENROCO are extremely gratified for the opportunity to play a major role in the development and rollout of this revolutionary technology. Thanks to our collaboration with CERN, we have been able to significantly advance the state of the art in storage and networking."

GENROCO will show additional new high performance storage and network products in Tokyo during the week of September 18.


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