More information about GSN and ST:
The Standards Organisation HNF

Hans Hoffmann opened the workshop with an good explanation about the HIGGS particle just found for the first time in some CERN experiments.



  Ben Segal told us about the GRID Computing project that should be operational at the same time as the LHC accelerator for High Energy Physics

Arie Van Praag reported the GSN and High Performance Networking projects at CERN. The newly developed bridge from GSN to OC48c demonstrated transfers at wirespeed and data Transfers of over 200 MByte/s.

And Pekka Pietkainen filled in with his work on ST for LINUX. --->

Stephen Bailey during his explanation of how to move SCSI commands on a commodity network using SST ( SCSI over ST ) --->

Followed by some figures of practicle measurements on ST efficieny done by Alberto Guglielmi ---->

As he was one of the first people to recognise the importance of 10 GBit/s networking Carl Pick made a real show of the 5 years of history of GSN.
Julian Satran of IBM, Israel told us about iSCSI, or SCSI over an IP network am\nd showed that it works during the demonstrations. ---->
The Cluster file system SANergy from TIVOLI was presented with very much details by Dimitry Chernyshov,

Thomas Feil from SGI came specially from Germany to explain SGI's cluster file CXFS system in deepth.

And Anthony Voellm from SGI in Mountainview told us all the wunders of the newly introduced
Origin 3000 system, and the support to GSN. --->

Jarno Puff from the SAN Training Center in Italy explained the possibilities of this start-up companiy in northern Italy ---->  
In the categorie of new and upcoming network technologies Walther Dey from Cisco introduced us to 10 Gbit Ethernet and the status of its standardisation process.
  And Bob Pearson from VIEO told us all of INFINIBAND and its standarisation process. ---->

Following are some images from the technology demonstration



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