The GRiD


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Table of Contents

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The GRiD

The Basic Performance Laws

Example: Flat Enterprise Grid

Complex Grid - CERN MultiTier Model

Grid Type Complexity

Sun Grid Integrated Stack

Sun Building Blocks, Interface & Cooperation

Distributed Resource Management Product Space

Sun Distributed Resource Management

Components of Sun Grid Engine

SGE/GRD Policy Capabilities

Share Tree Policy

Managing Compute Resources with Sun Grid Engine, GRD

Sun Grid Engine, GRD

Sun Grid Engine Status

Sun Grid Engine Roadmap

Sun Grid Engine Projects (many projects in the open source community)

Sun Grid Engine, Core Technology for:

Engineering and Science Portals

Example: Sun TCP

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SunGrid Distributed Resource Broker

SGE Interoperation Module for Grids (Example: PUNCH)

SunGrid ASP Architecture

The Campus Grid

Benefits of the The Campus Grid

Example: GenGrid @ Edinburgh EPCC Sun Center of Excellence

Example: The Ohio Grid

Design & Implement a Campus Grid

Sun Global Enterprise Grid

Sun Grid Infrastructure Components

Sun's Grid Strategy