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I. Hardware Configuration

The figure just below displays the hardware configuration that is presently under test.

Most of the Fibre Channel equipment is still implementing version 3.0 of Fibre channel, excepted the two interfaces that are located into the RS/6000-41T workstations, which are presently implementing version 4.2. That is the reason why these two interfaces are not connected to the Fibre Channel Fabric, but rather back to back (there is indeed no backward compatibility).

We expect to move from version 3.0 to version 4.2 by end of march 1995.

Each VME crate is composed of a CPU board, a memory board, an Ancor VME 64 Fibre Channel interface and is running under the VxWorks Operating System. As no driver for the Fibre Channel interface was provided by Ancor, one has been evolved by Marco Pellato (INFN).

RD11 - 03 APR 95
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