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III. Communication Benchmarks

All measurements, whose aim is to determine overheads, communication latencies and throughputs at the user level, have been achieved on the sender side. We defined overheads, communication latencies and throughputs as follows:

The program used to test out communication performances, when using TCP/IP protocols, was Netperf (version 1.7.1). On all machines, the rfc1323 mode was turned on by different means according to the workstations: the no command for IBM workstations, adb for HP workstations. Moreover the PHNE_4854 patch (only for HP machines) had been installed. For all tests, the TCP_no_delay option on the sender side was set (-D option): this option actually provides the best performances regarding the throughput on ANCOR interfaces and is necessary for measuring relevant overheads and relevant communication latencies with all interfaces. With IBM interfaces, the best performance regarding the throughput is obtained when not using this option (the reason why, is still an open question).

For light-weight protocols, no program is available from the public domain; therefore we evolved and ran our own application.

RD11 - 03 APR 95
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