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Communication benchmarks with the Ancor Fibre Channel Fabric


The best performances, as expected, are obtained when using the Direct Channel interface of the driver. Hereafter are summarized the best results measured, according to the hardware configuration used:

All the results presented in this note represent maximum reachable values when implementing a parallel application in which some processing tasks will interleave the communication processes.

For the project in which we are involved (implementation of second level trigger), the size of messages to be transferred has been defined to be either 64 bytes or 1024 bytes. In this case, the corresponding performance of the system is located in left parts of graphs, where the lowest results are reported. Assuming the workstations could be RS/6000 C10 and 590 models for instance, the best communication time between two of these machines, for a 64 byte message will be around 580 microseconds and 600 microseconds for a 1024 byte message.

The next step in studying the behaviour of the Fiber Channel Fabric will be to connect several other workstations around it, and to estimate several important parameters like for instance the interference induced by the switch when several independent communications are performed in parallel, the way contention problems are managed, ...

Fabrice Chantemargue - 30 AUG 94
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