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Communication benchmarks with the Ancor Fibre Channel Fabric

Results using TCP/IP

The program used to test out the performance is `ttcp'. This program is in the public domain and was originally created by the US Army Ballistics Research Lab (BRL).

There are three input parameters to this program, which can be chosen independently:

The size of the message to be transferred ranges from 1 byte up to 2 Mbytes. There is no limitation on the message size at the user level.

The number of times the message is sent is equal to 104 if the message size is lower than 105 bytes. In the case of a message size greater than 105 bytes, the number of times the message is sent is equal to 103. These values have been chosen like this in order to provide relevant time measurements.

Several values (in bytes) for the socket buffer size have been tested according to the experiments: 4K, 8K, 16K, 32K and 64K (1K is equal to 1024 bytes).

Fabrice Chantemargue - 30 AUG 94
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