GENROCO GSN Products Provide Core of Demonstration.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND (October 14, 1999) - GENROCO, Inc. (GENROCO) (OTC Bulletin
Board: "GRCI") announced today that its products formed the core for a demonstration of the
world's fastest system and storage area network (SAN) during a conference hosted at CERN
(The European Center for Nuclear Research) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The demonstration, organized to coincide with TELECOM '99 in Geneva, was highlighted by
the debut of GENROCO's complete Gigabyte System Network (GSN) product family including
its new 8 port, full bridging, GSN switch; Gigabit Ethernet to GSN network router; and SCSI
over Schedule Transfer (ST) software for several UNIX platforms. These products are the foundation
for the highest bandwidth withthe lowest latency networking topology available in the world today.
More importantly, the GSN and ST products allow for highly scalable SANs across numerous,
disparate network technologies.

Over 70 attendees from industry, academia, and government agencies witnessed SGI, Compaq,
Sun Microsystems platforms directly attached to Compaq Fibre Channel disk arrays through the
GENROCO GSN switch and GENROCO's HIPPI and Gigabit Ethernet bridge, running SCSI over
ST storage, TCP/IP, and ST networking concurrently. Other demonstration participants included
Gadzoox, IBM, and Essential/ODS Networks.

"This was a timely exhibition of the most powerful networking technology available today," said
Arie Van Praag, CERN Computer I/O Engineer and demonstration host. "GSN is the basis of our
Netstore Storage Area Network project which will be used for CERN's next generation high energy
physics experiments. This was an important step showing that this approach can effectively
handle the very high data rates that particle research will soon need.

" About Schedule Transfer (ST)"

ST is a new ANSI standard network protocol designed to allow many times higher bandwidth with
much lower host platform overhead than TCP/IP or any other current industry standard. An ST
datagram over any type of network commences, or is "scheduled", only when a ready transmit
buffer is matched by an equal sized, ready receive buffer at the destination. This allows the sending
and receiving engines at endpoints of a network to operate at the highest possible speed and
efficiency by eliminating buffer overruns and underruns.

"About Gigabyte System Network (GSN)"
GSN, is the highest bandwidth and lowest latency open system industry standard
(ANSI HIPPI-6400-PH, ANSI NCITS 323-1998), providing full duplex 6400 megabit (800 megabyte)
per second channels of error-free, flow controlled data. The technology is ideal wherever
organizations require timely movement of large amounts of information including scientific and
technical computing, digital TV and movie production, data mining, transaction processing, video
and film archiving, and storage management. The ANSI standard provides for interoperability with
disparate technologies including Ethernet, Fibre Channel, ATM, HIPPI-800, and other standards.
The GSN fabric operates at a full duplex data rate of 1.6 gigabytes per second making it an ideal
backbone for multiplexing Fibre Channel storage data streams.

Further information about GSN and ST can be found at www.hnf.org.

" About GENROCO"

GENROCO, Inc. is a 25-year-old, publicly traded engineering and marketing company that
specializes in developing I/O solutions for users of high performance storage area networks
(SANs). By providing cross-platform support for its patented technology, the Company is able
to offer unique, extraordinarily high bandwidth, low host overhead products for these markets.
GENROCO enjoys a global customer base that includes Compaq, Fujitsu, SGI, Sun, the US
Departments of Defense and Energy, CERN, and other research institutions.

"Additional information about GENROCO can be found at http://www.genroco.com.

Media Contact: Dru Popper-Lopez
Director, Marketing and Communications