GSN Workshop 99

Following is a short overview of the GSN Workshop held at CERN on 8 October 1999.

Speakers and Presentations:

Manuel Delfino, Leader IT Division, CERN.


"So strong is GSN with ST"

Carl Pick - Genroco

"and I swear it's true"

John Freisinger ODS - Essential
Carl Pick - Genroco

GSN and ST;
A Technology Overview

Roger Ronald - PMR

"Ethernet and HIPPI
Converge in GSN"

Elmar Droege - Infineon

1.25 Gbit/s AC PAROLI:
An Optical link for
HIPPI-6400 Operation

"GSN Activities at CERN"
Arie Van Praag CERN
( Sorry no picture )

Chris Good - Genroco

ST: The Key to
Network Independent

Steph Bailey - Genroco
"Dreaming of ST"

How GSN and ST can be compelling solutions
for specific markets

John Freisinger

Jean-Michel Pittet - SGI

GSN at SGI: Now to day and coming solutions.

Carl Pick - Genroco

What is going on in HNF,
an Industry Overview

Preparing the GSN Demonstration Network and Storage Area:

Problem No 1:
How to feed worlds newest, latest, fastest 32 X 32 Network Switch?

Europe is not USA, to make two
times 110 V we used
a 40 years old transformer.

Busy to set-up the
GSN Switchand a Network Bridge

Larry Beine
Joe Nordmann
Eric Michaud (Compaq)
Tim Larson

And coupling the Storage Area from Compaq to the GSN Network.

Mike Barret
Tim Larson
Steph Bailley
background: Larry Beine


Adjusting the Silicon Graphics
GSN Interfaces.

Jean-Michel Pittet

The GSN Demonstration.

SGI: GSN Data Transfers between two O-2000 machines at 550 MByte/s
SGI: Gigabit Ethernet Data Transfer using ST between systems (1400) running IRIX and LINUX

  Genroco and COMPAQ:
Demonstrated the Storage Area Network Capability with a throughput that was limited by the disk area at 450 MByte/s
Genroco: Demonstrated interconnectivity between Fibre Channel, HIPPI and Gigabit Ethernet to GSN.

Can somebody tell me WHY this group is called the

This page is made by Arie Van Praag 21 October 1999