This web site is dedicated to the design and use of programmable and quick-turn technologies for radiation environment applications in CERN LHC experiments


Programmable Logic Devices are replacing traditional logic circuits by offering the advantages of high integration (small size, low power and high reliability) without the disatvantages of custom ASICs (high non-recurring engineering cost and high risk, especially in limited production volume).
Many project in LHC experiments require relatively smal number of logic devices used in radiation environment. The intention of this page is to collect information on radiation environment in LHC experiments, candidate programmable devices with radiation test information and useful links.

Radiation Environment

Here I would like to collect the parameters of the radiation environment which are necessary for component selection.  This table is a sample, contains data for the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Front-end Link environment.

Total Dose per year: 100 Gy (10 KRad)
Source of total dose: Neutrons (from thermal to fast), Protons, Pions
Fluence Energy
Neutrons 2*10E11n/cm**2 / year 1Mev equivalent
Protons ? ?
Pions ? ?
Heavy Ions Negligible (?) ?


PLD Irradiation Project


This is a non-exhaustive list of the devices seem to be interesting an I have some information on radiation behaviour. If there is no link of a device, please write me for information on that chip.

Xilinx XC4010E and XC4010XL reprogrammable FPGA
Xilinx XQR4000XL family reprogrammable FPGA   Prices
ACTEL SX series antifuse FPGA  Prices
Chip Express CX3001 LPGA


Programmable and quick-turn technologies for space flight applications
ATLAS FE Links Working Group on Radiation Testing
ATLAS Radiation Hard Electronics page


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Zoltán Meggyesi
Last update: 23.Nov.1998