S-LINK gallery 

All pictures in one file (huge!) - upto mfcctt.jpg  680-1169-100  MFCC top/straight view

Seperate images

Often the same file exists with an 's' added to the filename. This is a smaller version, sized for use on web pages. Or, if the filename already ends with an 's', a larger version may exist which has a filename without the 's'.

01.gif      680-1110-450  S-LINK to PCI
02.gif      680-1110-400  PCI to S-LINK
03.gif                    PCI to S-LINK with SCSI-LINK
04.gif                    SCSI-LINK LDC
05.gif                    SCSI-LINK LSC
06.gif      680-1110-350  SLITEST empty
07.gif                    SLITEST with SCSI LDC and SLIDAD
08.gif                    SLITEST with SLIDAS and SCSI LSC
09.gif      680-1110-500  SLIDAS detail
10.gif                    SLIDAS bottom
11.gif                    SLIDAS top
101.gif     680-1110-150A PMC to S-LINK top
102.gif                   PMC to S-LINK top and bottom
103.gif     680-1110-200A S-LINK to PMC top
104.gif                   S-LINK to PMC top and bottom
105.gif                   SLATE2SLINK with 3 FCS-LINKs
106.gif                   SLATE2SLINK with 1 FCS-LINK
107.gif                   SLATE2SLINK bottom
108.gif                   SLATE2SLINK with 1 SLIDAD
109.gif     680-1110-100  SLIDAD top
110.gif     680-1110-050  SLIBOX
201.gif     680-1110-300B FCS-LINK with fibre optic GLM
202.gif                   FCS-LINK with electrical GLM
203.gif                   FCS-LINK bottom
301.jpg                   DT-16 to S-LINK interface front and side
302.jpg                   DT-16 to S-LINK interface side
303.jpg                   DT-16 to S-LINK interface frontpanel
401s.jpg    680-1110-700  FCS-LINK2 optical cards top view    (bottom and top mounted versions)
402s.jpg    680-1110-700  FCS-LINK2 optical card top view     (bottom mounted version)
403s.jpg    680-1110-700  FCS-LINK2 optical card bottom view  (bottom mounted versions)
404s.jpg    680-1110-700  FCS-LINK2 optical cards bottom view (top and bottom mounted versions)
uenab.jpg                 MicroENABLE
501s.jpg    680-1110-850  Simplex G-LINK LDC top view
502s.jpg    680-1110-850  Simplex G-LINK LDC bottom view
601s.jpg                  FCS-LINK LDC integrated with PMC interface (bottom)
602s.jpg                  FCS-LINK LDC integrated with PMC interface (top)
701.gif     680-1110-700  FCS-LINK2 optical card with front panel bottom view
702.gif     680-1110-700  FCS-LINK2 optical card with front panel and cable top view
703.gif     680-1110-750  S2P2 S-LINK to P2 adapter with FCS-LDC mounted
705.gif     680-1110-750  S2P2 S-LINK to P2 adapter
706.gif     680-1110-750  S2P2 S-LINK to P2 adapter detail of connector
707.gif     680-1110-800  P2P2 P2 to P2 connector for use on backplane
dlsc1s.jpg  680-1110-950  ODIN Double LSC top view
dlsc2s.jpg  680-1110-950  ODIN Double LSC bottom view
dldc1s.jpg  680-1110-950  ODIN Double LDC top view
dldc2s.jpg  680-1110-950  ODIN Double LDC bottom view
tm64es.jpg  680-1169-050  TM64x9UH empty
tm64-21s.jpg 680-1169-050 TM64x9UH with two G-LINK LDC and one ODIN LSC
bocs.jpg    680-1169-050  Back of VME64x 9U crate with two TM64x9UH mounted
mfccbf.jpg  680-1169-100  MFCC bottom/front view
mfccbt.jpg  680-1169-100  MFCC bottom/straight view
mfcctf.jpg  680-1169-100  MFCC top/front view
mfcctt.jpg  680-1169-100  MFCC top/straight view

Large image Small image PCB number Description
sglsctop.jpg sglsctops.jpg 680-1110-950 ODIN Single LSC top view
sglscbottom.jpg sglscbottom.jpg 680-1110-950 ODIN Single LSC bottom view
sgldctop.jpg sgldctops.jpg 680-1110-950 ODIN Single LDC top view
sgldcbottom.jpg sgldcbottoms.jpg 680-1110-950 ODIN Single LDC bottom view
tm64p1vtl.jpg tm64p1vts.jpg 680-1169-150 TM64PLUS1 top view
tm64p1vbl.jpg tm64p1vbs.jpg 680-1169-150 TM64PLUS1 bottom view
tm64poutl.jpg tm64pouts.jpg 680-1169-150 TM64PLUS1 detail of output (ODIN Core)
cards.jpg cardss.jpg   60 Single ODIN cards for COMPASS (July 2001)
comp60.jpg comp60s.jpg   60 Single ODIN cards for COMPASS with CERNTECH box
1169-200plugf.jpg 1169-200plugfs.jpg 680-1169-200 S32PCI64 plug-in version front view
1169-200plugt.jpg 1169-200plugts.jpg 680-1169-200 S32PCI64 plug-in version top view
1169-200plugb.jpg 1169-200plugbs.jpg 680-1169-200 S32PCI64 plug-in version bottom view
1169-200intf.jpg 1169-200intfs.jpg 680-1169-200 S32PCI64 integrated ODIN version front view
1169-200intt.jpg 1169-200intts.jpg 680-1169-200 S32PCI64 integrated ODIN version top view
1169-200intb.jpg 1169-200intbs.jpg 680-1169-200 S32PCI64 integrated ODIN version bottom view
hola_panel.jpg hola_panels.jpg 680-1169-250 HOLA panel (three cards in one PCB)
hola_price.jpg hola_prices.jpg 680-1169-250 Price ticket from EBV for HOLA design. CHF 1700 digital camera bought for it
holaebv3.jpg holaebv3s.jpg 680-1169-250 Stephane Bocherens (EBV), Aurelio Ruiz (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Daniel Studer (EBV)
holaebv4.jpg holaebv4s.jpg 680-1169-250 Aurelio Ruiz (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Erik van der Bij (CERN), Stephane Bocherens (EBV), Daniel Studer (EBV)
holaldc_b.jpg holaldc_bs.jpg 680-1169-250 HOLA LDC bottom view
holaldc_t.jpg holaldc_ts.jpg 680-1169-250 HOLA LDC top view
holalsc_b.jpg holalsc_bs.jpg 680-1169-250 HOLA LSC bottom view
holalsc_t.jpg holalsc_ts.jpg 680-1169-250 HOLA LSC top view
filar_top_photo.jpg filar_top_photo_small.jpg EDA-00031 FILAR top view
filar_bot_photo.jpg filar_bot_photo_small.jpg EDA-00031 FILAR bottom view

Erik van der Bij - 15 July 2002, Stefan Haas - 15 July 2003