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CERN, 1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland - University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK - University of Kent, Canterbury, UK - RHBNC, University of London, London, UK

The Macramé 1024 Node Switching Network

S. Haas1 2, D.A. Thornley1 3, M. Zhu1 2, R.W. Dobinson1 2 4, R. Heeley1, N.A.H. Madsen1 4, B. Martin1


The work reported involves the construction of a large modular testbed using IEEE 1355 DS link technology. A thousand nodes will be interconnected by a switching fabric based on the STC104 packet switch. The system has been designed and constructed in a modular way in order to allow a variety of different network topologies to be investigated. Network throughput and latency have been studied for different network topologies under various traffic conditions.

Stefan Haas
Fri Jun 13 20:52:30 MET DST 1997