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We present results obtained on a large modular testbed using 100 MBaud point-to-point DS links. Up to 1024 nodes have been interconnected by a switching fabric based on the 32 way STC104 packet switch [1]. The system has been designed and constructed in a modular way to allow a variety of different network topologies to be investigated. Network throughput and latency are being studied for various traffic conditions as a function of the topology and network size. The traffic conditions include those expected within the second level trigger of the ATLAS experiment [2]. Initial work on a testbed for 1 GBaud IEEE 1355 HS links and switches is also presented.

The work presented here has been carried out within the framework of the European Union's ESPRITgif program as part of the OMIgif Macramégif and ARCHESgif projects.

Roger Heeley
Fri Sep 26 17:00:08 MET DST 1997