HPCN '95 - IP numbers

Please find below the IP numbers for the machines you will have connected to Fibre Channel and HIPPI. The tables give as well the switch port numbers for FCS and the logical addresses for HIPPI. These numbers you will need to fill in your ARP tables.

CERN will install the HIPPI and Fibre Channel network and provide the cables. But please bring as well your own cables in case there would be any problems.

There will be no 'organized' global Ethernet of FDDI networks, but CILEA can give out IP numbers for those two networks.

Contact for this

Mr. Mattas Oglio              or     Mr. Giovanni Meloni
CILEA                                CILEA
Tel: +39-2-2692 2434                 Tel: +39-2-2692 2434
Fax: +39-2-2135520                   Fax: +39-2-2135520
E-mail: mattas@cilea.it              E-mail: meloni@icil64.cilea.it
Erik van der Bij                     Arie van Praag
CERN                                 CERN
Tel: +41 22 7678645                  Tel: +41 22 7675034
Fax: +41 22 7679495                  Fax: +41 22 7679495
E-mail: Erik.van_der_Bij@cern.ch     E-mail: A.van_Praag@cern.ch


Booth        IP-number     Switch port
Machine name (decimal)      (decimal)   Machine and function
FC-CERN1      1       HP9000/735   FCS-HIPPI gateway
FC-CERN2      2       HP9000/735
FC-CERN3      3       FC Tester 1
FC-CERN4      4       FC Tester 2
FC-CERN5      5       Reserved
FC-CERN6      6       Reserved
FC-CERN7      7       IBM RS6000/41T
FC-CERN8     (8)      IBM RS6000/41T
FC-HP1      9       HP9000/750
FC-HP2     10      HP9000/715
FC-ERIC1     11      IBM RS6000
FC-ERIC2    (12)     IBM RS6000
FC-IBM1     13      IBM RS6000/390
FC-IBM2     14
FC-CILEA1    15      IBM 3BT    FCS-Internet gateway


Booth        IP-number    Logical name
Machine name (decimal)    (hexadecimal)   Machine and function
Aptec - Sony
H-APSONY1     013
H-APSONY2     014
H-GENIAS     012
Digital - Genroco
H-DEC1     011
H-IBM1     032
H-IBM2     033
H-CSCS1     031
H-CSCS2     025
H-CERN1      001     HP9000/735   HIPPI-FCS gateway
H-CERN2     023     HAPPY Tester
H-CERN3     024     Frame Buffer
H-CERN4     027     * Data Generator
Cray Research       
H-CRAY1     045
Silicon Graphics
H-SGI1     044
H-HP1     043     HP9000/750
H-HP2     042     HP9000/720
                                FE0     HIPPI agent
H-NETSTAR1     051
H-NETSTAR2     052
Maximum Strategy
H-MAXSTRAT1     053
H-CILEA1    002     IBM590   HIPPI-Internet gateway

This is one of the CERN High Speed Interconnect pages - 25 April 1995 - Erik van der Bij