Technology Demonstration Network Organisers

Fibre Channel and HIPPI

On invitation of the HPCN organisers, CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, is setting up the Fibre Channel and HIPPI networks at HPCN '95.

Last year CERN has built the HIPPI demonstration network which connected the booths from Cray Research, Hewlett Packard, DEC, Ultranet, Convex, NSC and IOSC. An article in Supercomputer European Watch described very well the HPCN '94 network and the backgrounds of it.

This year it will be the first time that next to the HIPPI network, a large Fibre Channel network will be set up as part of the HPCN demonstration net.

Arie van Praag is responsible for the HIPPI part of the network, while Erik van der Bij is for the Fibre Channel network. They are supported by Toke Reber for the administration and Patrick Donnat for the technical issues, ordering and installation of cables. For the software side, Ben Segal will organise the routing and subnet issues to get the external internet connection onto the HIPPI and FCS networks. For the Fibre Channel applications at the CERN booth, Fabrice Chantemargue will have some very interesting demo's, both flashy ones and serious performance measurements.

Persons to contact

HIPPI network: Arie van Praag, Tel: +41 22 767 5034, E-m:

Fibre Channel network: Erik van der Bij, Tel: +41 22 767 8645, E-m:

IP routing: Ben Segal, Tel: +41 22 767 4941, E-m:

Administrative support: Toke Reber, Tel: +41 22 767 4608, Fax: +41 22 767 9495, E-m:

Internet connection

Giovanni Meloni from CILEA is organising a 2 Mbit per second Internet connection between the HPCN show and CILEA. The link arrives at the HPCN conference in the Technology Demonstrator area and ends up in a Cisco router. The output of the Cisco router is in Ethernet. As there will be no general Ethernet network at the HPCN conference (it's not considered a HPN :-), Ben Segal from CERN will configure a workstation as router which will put the Internet data onto the HIPPI and Fibre Channel networks.

Persons to contact

Internet connection: Giovanni Meloni, Tel: +39-2-26922434, Fax: +39-2-2135520, E-m:

IP routing: Ben Segal, Tel: +41 22 767 4941, E-m:

This is one of the CERN High Speed Interconnect pages - 10 March 1995 - Erik van der Bij