Fibre Channel Cables

Fibre Channel Fibre optic cables use a keyed duplex SC connector (see figure 1). The type of fibre needed is dependant on the type of links used (see "FC-0 technology options").

The electrical physical variant of Fibre Channel can be using video coax, miniature coax and shielded twisted pair. The latter seems to be the most popular, as the electrical GLM uses a D-connector with shielded twisted pair cables.

Figure 1: Optical plug keying (FC-PH, figure 35) 



Duplex SC cable assemblies

Electrical cable assemblies


HSSDC (Type 2 connector) electrical cable assemblies

DB-9 (Type 1 connector) electrical cable assemblies

3-pin electrical cable assemblies

See also catalog "AMP is Taking Fibre Channel from... Concept to Reality", AMP Catalog 889003, which shows also the different Fibre Channel electrical connectors.

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Alcoa Fujikura

Duplex SC cable assemblies

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Cost Effective Copper Interconnects for Gbit/sec Transmission

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Duplex SC cable assemblies

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Duplex SC cable assemblies

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Duplex SC cable assemblies

The Siemens cables are assembled and manufactured in Europe.
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Duplex SC cable assemblies

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