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Fibre Channel has different options for the driving of the Fibre and for the type of media used. The most common types are the duplex SC connector for the fibre-optic implementations and the DB-9 connector for the electrical implementation.
Members of the Fibre Channel Association (FCA) have defined a specification for a Media Interface Adapter (MIA) which
can be used to convert standard 9-pin D-sub Fibre Channel signal interfaces to single- or multi-mode SC optics.

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Media Interface Adapters exist from the following manufacurers:


FLS-XXXX Gigabit OE Adapter

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Pricing, Mike Morando, Tel: +1 408/988-7408, Fax: +1 408/727-3460, E-mail: morando@fujikura.com.
Technical support, Bob Dahlgren, Tel: +1 408/988-7407, Fax: +1 408/727-3460, E-mail: bob@fujikura.com - 14-Aug-1996 


FCN 1039 Serial to Fibre Channel Optical Interface

The lowest cost implementation allowing choice of copper or fiber optic data links for Fibre Channel. Gore's DB-9 optical port is a fully contained electrical-to-optical and optical-to-electrical converter. It uses spare pins in the DB-9 connector to power the optical transceiver. The output dual SC connector is capable of extending transmission distances up to 500 meters.

Contact: W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.; Newark, DE 19711; Tel: 800-445-4673; Fax: +1 302-737-2819; E-m: Christine_M_Foster@wlgore.com - 30-Jan-1997 

Methode Electronics

MDB-9 Fibre Channel MIA

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