FC-0/FC-1 Chips


The Fibre Channel protocol consists of different layers. The FC- 0 and FC-1 layer define the physical media, Open Fibre Control and the 8b10b coding scheme. The Fibre Channel handshake protocols are defined in FC-2.


The following manufacturers have chips that handle the FC-0 and FC-1 layer: The following manufacturers have SERDES (transceivers) with an 8-bit interface:
  • AMCC
  • STMicrolelectronics
  • Vitesse

  • AMCC

    AMCC Fibre Channel/Gigabit Ethernet Product Guide

    Also SERDES with 8-bit interface (8B10B coder included) and dual/quad versions
    Contact: AMCC - 7-Jan-1999


    GaAs Datacom IC's

    SERDES only with 10-bit interface.
    Contact: Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor - 7-Jan-1999 

    Hewlett Packard

    HP Fibre Channel Components

    SERDES only with 10-bit interface.
    Contact: HP Electronic Components - 7-Jan-1999


    RCC700A Fibre Channel/ESCON/ATM Transceiver

    Contact: Raytheon - 7-Jan-1999


    Sony Semiconductors Serial/Optical Communications

    SERDES only with 10-bit interface.
    Contact: Sony Semiconductor - 7-Jan-1999



    FC106 Fibre Channel Transceiver 1.0625 GBaud (8-bit and 10-bit interface) (.pdf file)

    Warning: very slow site, may need retry

    Contact: STMicroelectronics - 7-Jan-1999

    Texas Instruments

    SN75FC1000, 1-Gigabit Fibre Channel Transceiver (10-bit interface)

    Contact: Texas Instruments - 7-Jan-1999


    Fibre Channel ENDECs and Transceivers

    SERDES only with 10-bit interface.
    Contact: Triquint - 7-Jan-1999


    Vitesse Fibre Channel Products

    See also Switches and backplane products for some interesting FC compatible chips

    SERDES's with 10-bit and 20-bit interfaces. See Switches and backplane product for SERDES with 8-bit interface (VSC7211, VSC7214)

    Contact: Vitesse - 11-Jan-1999

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    Erik van der Bij - 11 January 1999 - Disclaimer