FC-2 Chips

The Fibre Channel protocol consists of different layers. The FC- 0 and FC-1 layer define the physical media, Open Fibre Control and the 8b10b coding scheme. The Fibre Channel handshake protocols are defined in FC-2.


The following manufacturers have or will have chips that handle the FC-2 layer:


AIC®-1160 Single-chip PCI-to-Fibre Channel Controller


Contact: Adaptec - 23-Mar-1998


FC1996 Fibre Channel Controller Chip

This chip is in development, prototypes are expected to be available by Q3-1997

Contact: Samek Mokryn C-STAR Inc. 20 Major Hale Drive Framingham, Massachusetts 01701
Tel: 508-877-4306 Fax: 508-877-4189 E-mail: samek.cstar@prodigy.com - 16-Jan-1997 

Hewlett Packard

HPFC-5000 TACHYON Fibre Channel Controller

HPFC-5100 TachLite Fibre Channel Controller

Contact: HP Tachyon web site.
Bob Whitson, Hewlett Packard; Tel: +1 (916) 785-5288; Fax: +1 (916) 785-2875; E-m: Bob_Whitson@hp5200.desk.hp.com - 6-Jan-1998 

LSI Logic

Merlin DL Fibre Channel Core

If you want to build your own Fibre Channel chip, you could use LSI Logic's Fibre Channel core. It provides an ANSI-compliant, low-cost, high speed interconnect standard targeted for mass storage devices and workstation clustering. Along with other standard cores from LSI Logic, the Fibre Channel core enables a completely new or tightly integrated approach to a single-chip adapter or disk controller solution.

Contact: LSI Logic 

QLogic Corporation

ISP2100 Intelligent Fibre Channel Processor


Product description

The ISP2100 is a single-chip, highly integrated, bus master, FC-AL processor that targets SCSI applications. This chip connects the PCI bus to a Fibre Channel loop and contains an onboard RISC processor. The ISP2100 is a fully autonomous device, capable of managing multiple I/O operations and associated data transfers from start to finish without host intervention. The chip supports one Fibre Channel loop, and has on-chip 8B/10B encode and decode logic with a 10-bit interface to external transceivers. The chip has integrated frame buffers. As far as the PCI interface goes, it has three DMA channels, with 64-bit PCI support and the possibility to connect a BIOS PROM. The device is available in a 225-pin PGA or BGA package.

See also FIBRE CHANNEL SCSI-3 TARGET DEVELOPER KIT for QLogic ISP2100 SCSI Interface Controller from Interface Solutions Group - 21-Oct-1997

FTEC420 Triple Embedded Controller for Fibre Channel

The FTEC is a Fibre Channel controller for use on disk drives. It has a disk port, a Fibre Channel port, a microprocessor port and a data buffer port.


QLogic - QLogic contact information - 17-Jul-1997 


Aurora 170 (not being sold)

Seagate does not sell the Fibre Channel chips they use in their disk drives. 


SYMF920 Fibre Channel Protocol Controller chip


Contact: Symbios, Symbios Logic Sales Representatives and Distributors - 8-Jul-1997

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