FCS Crystal Oscillators

Fibre Channel interfaces normally need a clock of 26.5625 or 53.125 MHz that generates the clock for the physical link. These values are used only for Fibre Channel, so crystal oscillator vendors normally don't have oscillators with those frequencies in stock. However, there are a few vendors that make a special clock oscillator with a select pin for both frequencies.

Selectable Frequency Crystal Oscillator vendors

Single Frequency Crystal Oscillator vendors


53.125MHz/26.5625 MHz Oscillator with selectable frequency

Contact: Bob Tarkenton, CTS; 1167 Mission Ridge Drive; Manteca, CA; Tel: +1 408-483-3694

IC Works

W42C27-13 106.25 Megahertz Clock synthesizer, needs external 17 MHz quartz crystal

The W42C27-13 is a single VCO clock synthesizer designed to provide the 106.25 Megahertz reference clock for Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) chip sets, such as the Vitesse VSC7105/7106. This CMOS device accepts direct connection to a 17 Megahertz quartz crystal, and produces a single clock output of 106.25 Megahertz. The single output design is supported with a multiple ground and VDD pins in order to minimise the level of output jitter.

More info on this and other IC Works components at http://www.metl.com/icw.htm

Contact: METL, UK

NEL Frequency Controls

HS-6109 at 53.125MHz/26.5625 MHz Oscillator with selectable frequency

Contact: Boyd Recknagel, NEL Frequency Controls; Burlington, WI; Tel: +1 414-763-3591; Fax: +1 414-763-2881


Single frequency crystal oscillators

Contact: Pletronics, Inc. Lynnwood, WA; Tel: +1 (206)776-1880; Fax: (206)776-2760

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