Fibre Channel SCSI Converters


Fibre Channel is seen as an ideal medium to connect storage devices. To connect Fibre Channel to standard SCSI devices, FCS to SCSI converters are needed..


The following manufacturers provide SCSI converters:



The FSB-8000 is a device used for connecting parallel SCSI devices to Fibre Channel networks. Its hardware is implemented on one of two platforms: one for the slower speeds (uses OLCs), the other for the higher speeds up to 1 Gbps (uses OLMs).

The bridges can also be used as SCSI Bus extenders. With two FSB-8000 bridges connected back to back (using multimode optical fiber), the distance between the SCSI devices can be extended over 2km.

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ATTO Technologies

ATTO FibreBridgetm

ATTO FibreBridge(tm) is an intelligent, managed Fibre Channel to UltraSCSI bridge & converter that allows integrators to easily attach any existing SCSI product to Fibre Channel.  As part of ATTO's family of stackable Fibre Channel bridges, hubs and other products, ATTO FibreBridge provides Fibre Channel performance of full duplex 1.0625 Gigabit (200 Mbytes/sec.) transfer rates tightly coupled with two independent 40 Mbyte/sec. for a combined throughput of 80 Mbytes/sec.

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Crossroads Systems

CrossPoint 4100


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Processor Systems


The FIBRE CHANNEL-SCSI BRIDGE from Processor Systems (India) is a high performance bridge allowing Fibre Channel hosts and servers on a FC-Arbitrated Loop to connect to and share standard off-the-shelf SCSI peripherals. It provides an FC-AL Port on one side and a SCSI-2/3 Fast & Wide port on the other.

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Processor Systems' initial product offering supports SCSI Tape Drives & Tape Libraries. Support for other SCSI devices like Disk Drives, RAID, CD-ROM Readers and other SCSI devices is available based on customer requirements. OEM enquiries are welcome.

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