Wisconsin, December 15, 2000
Engineers at GEN- ROCO, Inc. (OTCBB: "GRCI'') filed a benchmark accounting with the Netperf Database maintained by Hewlett-Packard which reports record TCP/IP performance using open systems bus and network topologies.

GENROCO's GSN-6466 PCI Giga- byte Systems Network (GSN) host bus adapter (HBA) was employed on a Sun Microsystems Ultra 60 running the Solaris 2.8 operating system and achieved 127 megabytes per second (MB/s) of sustained throughput running the Netperf TCP_STREAM benchmark tests. The previous best reported on an open systems platform was 67 MB/s on a Sun machine using SBus OC12 ATM.
Only SGI's proprietary XIO bus GSN HBA has achieved better results than the GENROCO gear. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is the basic communication language or protocol used on the Internet and most private computer networks.
PCI is an open computer interconnection system between a microproces- sor and attached devices in which expansion slots are spaced closely for high speed operation. Developed by Intel as a local CPU bus, PCI is now designed to be independent of microprocessor design. PCI is installed on most new UNIX servers and desktop computers. GSN is the first ANSI standard, gigabyte per second network interface. This technology represents the highest bandwidth and lowest latency open interconnect, providing full duplex 8000 megabits per second of error-free, flow-controlled data transmission.

Joe Nordman, Vice President of Research and Development for GENROCO, remarked,
"Our organization is very pleased with initial benchmark testing of our PCI GSN adapter on Sun machines. We expect that additional tuning and use of more powerful models will allow for even higher performance in the near future. Our staff is working diligently to improve these results as well as to provide benchmark data for our hardware and software on IBM, Compaq, and other UNIX plat- forms." GENROCO's GSN-6466 HBA bridges a 64 bit 66 megahertz PCI bus to parallel 20 bit copper or 12 bit optical GSN interfaces, providing payload bandwidth of 800MB per second in each direction - eight times the speed of gigabit Fibre Channel or Ethernet.

The Company's sales last month to customers in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, marked the first commercial deployment of GSN host interfaces for open system super- servers and workstations. Carl Pick, GENROCO Chairman & CEO, stated, "Recent TCP/IP benchmarks continue to depict our firm as the leading sup- plier of ultra high performance, open systems, networking products. Our current GSN interfaces, switches, and soft- ware drivers are providing the foundation for future Infini- Band, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, OC192, PCI-X and other emerging interconnect technology offerings from GENROCO over the next several years. " GENROCO plans to demonstrate high performance storage and network benchmarks at several industry and customer events during the next several weeks.

GENROCO, Inc. is a 26-year-old, engineering and marketing company that specializes in providing I/O solutions for users of high performance, network independent storage area networks (SANs). By offering cross-platform support for its patented technology, the Company is able to deliver unique, extraordinarily high bandwidth, low host overhead products for these markets. GENROCO enjoys a global customer base that includes Compaq, Fujitsu, SGI, Sun, IBM, the US Depart- ments of Defense and Energy, CERN, and other research insti- tutions. Additional information about GENROCO can be found at:

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