Publications: A. Van Praag

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Macro-Clusters, a Way to Adapt New Technologies in Existing Large Computing Clusters.
rie Van Praag, Mathias Gug, Andras Horvath, Fabian Collin, CERN, division IT/ADC/LE, 12 Mai 2003

1. Coupling a 10 Gbit/s LAN to the WAN, Arie van Praag et al, In preparation, 2001.

High Performance Networking as sign of its time. Arie Van Praag, In preparation, 2001.

Presentation of two Posters during the Technology Exchange show 8 February 2000 in London with as subject:
"10 Gigabit Networking ( GSN ) and its interconnectivity"

Potential HEP Applications of a New High Performance Networking Technology. Arie Van Praag, Ben Segal, 21 August 1999, CERN, IT/PDP/TE, CERN/nn-xx, Presented at CHEP-2000

Continuation of HIPPI test activities for GSN (project proposal), Arie Van Praag, Ben Segal, Alberto Guglielmi, CERN, April 17, 1998,

What is GSN and can it be used for High-Energy Physics data acquisition? Arie Van Praag, 15 March 1997, CERN/ECP 97-007.

PCI - HIPPI Interface Modules. T. Anguelov, G. Antchev, G. Georgiev, S. Piperov, I. Vankov, R. A. McLaren, A. van Praag, O. Orel, D. Gillot, A. Guglielmi, September 1996, CERN/ECP 96-14.

Gbyte Networking Arrives, Supercomputer European Watch, Jaap Hollenberg, April/May 1997,

Remote Data Recording and Processing for NA48. D. Asbury, J-P. Baud, M. Calvetti, R. Fantechi, F. Gagliardi, F. Hemmer, J. Joosten, S. Luitz, J-P. Matheys, a. Maver, R.A. McLaren, A. Norton, B. Panzer-Steindel, K. Peach, L. Robertson, A. Van Praag, G. Wirrer, 14 August 1996, NA48 note 96-13/V4.1.

Testing HIPPI Switch Configurations for Event Building Applications. Arie Van Praag, Ralf Spiwoks, Robert van der Vlugt, 18 September 1995, CERN/ECP 96-15.

Summary Document and Work Plan of the Event Building Working Group for the ATLAS LVL3/DAQ Prototype. A. Bogaerts, D. Calvet, R.W. Dobinson, J.P. Dufey, R. Hauser, P. Keener, P. LeDu, M. Liebhart, I. Mandjavidze, L. Mappelli, B. Martin, G. Monarcchi, R. Spiwoks, E. van der Bij, A. Van Praag, P. Werner, 20 May 1996, ATLAS TDAQ xxx.

Overview of the use of the PCI bus in present and future High Energy Physics data acquisition systems. A. Van Praag, RA McAllen, J-P. Matheys, P. Vande Vyvre, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, T. Anguelov, G. Georgiev, S. Piperov, I. Vankov, INRNE - BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria, D. Gillot, A. Guglielmi, Digital Equipment Corporation, Joint project office, CERN, O. Orel, A. Sytin, IHEP, Prodvino, Russia, 3 January 1995, CERN/ECP 95-4.

HIPPI-net - the back bone of HPCN Europe, Supercomputer European Watch, Ad Emmen, Jaap Hollenberg, July 1994,

HIPPI Demo at HPCN, Parallelogram, No 58, March/April 1994, S 14.

Coupling a VMEbus to a Windows PC. A. Van Praag, O. Solovianov, January 1994, ONLINE No 8.

Data transfer and Distribution at 70 Mbytes/s. W. Bozzoli, R.A. McLaren, J-P Matheys, P. Vande Vyvre, A. Van Praag, A. Vascotto, F. Cane, A. Pastore, K. Peach, T. Anguelov, 19 July 1993, CERN/ECP 93-7. Referred Symposia with Abstract, RT93, Vancouver, Canada.

HFOX - A Fibre Extender for the High Performance Interface, HIPPI. MS Haven J.D Dowel, P. Jovanovic, I.R. Kenyon, R.J. Staley,D.G. Cunningham, S.G. Methley, S.F Mullen, S. Wright, R.A. McLaren, A. Van Praag, 26 May 1993, B.Ham University Physics.

SHIP - Serial-HIPI Project: state of the art. D. Pesaresi, A. Van Praag, 30 March 93, CERN/ECP/EDU 93

High Performance Event Distribution Using HIPPI. W. Bozzoli, R.A. McLaren, J-P Matheys, P. McInnes, N. McKay P. Vande Vyvre, A. Van Praag, A. Vascotto, , A. Pastore, K. Peach, B. Renk, T. Anguelov, A. Taurok, 9 December 1992, CERN/ECP 92-22. Referre0d Symposia with Abstract CHEP'92, Annecy, France.

A Development system for the High Performance Parallel Interface. (User manual for the HIPPI Test Box), A. Van Praag, March 1992.

HIPPI developments for CERN experiments. A. Van Praag, T. Anguelov, R.A. McLaren, H.C. van der Bij, , M. Haben, P. Jovanovic, I. Kenyon, R. Stalev, D. Cunningham, G. Watson, J. Bovier, P. Cristin, October 1991, CERN/ECP 91-28.

The CERN Host Interface. R.A. Mclaren, T.J. Benders-Lee, D. Burckhart R. Divia, B. Hurley, K. Hollingworth, D. Jacobs, H. Muller, E. Van der Bij, A. Van Praag, A. Guglielmi, T. Almeida, P. Gomes, P. Alves, October 1987, CERN-DD/87/22. Symposia with Abstract IEEE-Transactions-on-Nuclear-Science (USA), vol.35, no.1, pt.1, p.321-3, Feb. 1988.

A Compact Memory Module Using SMD. A. Van Praag, CERN Mini and MicroComputer Newsletter, April 1987.

XOP: A fast versatile processor, as a building block for parallel processing in

High Energy physics experiments. P.Baehler, N. Bosco, T. Lingjaerde, C. Ljuslin, A. Van Praag, P. Werner, July 1985, DD/85/15

User Aspects of Mice. J. Anthonioz Blanc, J. Joosten, M. Letheren, A. Van Praag, September 1981, CERN/DD/81/9.

Mice: A fast user-micro-programmable emulator of the PDP 11. J. Anthonoiz-Blanc, C. Halatsis, J.Joosten, M. Letheren, A. Van Dam, A. Van Praag, C. Verkerk, March 1980, Referred Symposia with Abstract LEP Conference, Stockholm 1980.

High level objectives for a fast emulated mini. J.Joosten, M. Letheren, A. Van Praag, A. Van Dam, C. Verkerk, 25 September 1978, CERN DD/AG

Proposal for fast emulation of a standard minicomputer for real-time event filtering. J. Joosten, M. Letheren, A. Van Praag, C. Verkerk, 27 July 1978, DD/JPC/78/122.

A Microprocessor for general purpose using a standard bus system. A. Van Praag, 28-3-78, CERN/DD-ag.

A system for communication between a CDC 6000 and a PDP 11 computer. Data Handling Division, A. Van Praag, H. Von Eicken, J.G. Lee, C. Piney, CERN 76-08.

Terminals for the interactive input and editing of biographic records on the PDP 11 computer in the central library. A. Van Praag, 13 November 1975, CERN 75-15.

A fast 14-bit Digital to Analogue Converter. A. Van Praag, November 1971, DD/71/23.

LUCY, a CRT film measuring device. H. Anders, D. Jacobs, W. Krischer, A. Lewis, T. Lingjaerde, D. Lord, J. Oropesa, A. Van Praag, B. Stumpe, L. Turek, D. Wiskott, R. Zurbuchen, April 1970, CERN DD/DH/70/9

A 50 MCycle/s Binary counter with build-in register. A. Van Praag, October 1964, DD/DA/64/8.

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