The hippi-ext mailing list!

The HIPPI mailing list is for technical discussion among vendors, implementers, system integrators, consultants, and users regarding HIPPI, HIPPI-6400 or GSN standardisation under the auspices of Technical Committee X3T11. Much of the list material concerns technical matters raised at X3T11 or meetings.

To add or remove yourself from this list, simply send a message to

containing only the line such as:

  • subscribe hippi



  • unsubscribe hippi

The list is open to all interested parties. At the current time, the mailing list is unmoderated.


If attempts to mail reflector traffic to you bounces repeatedly over the course of several days,
I will remove your name from the list. Also, if you set an "auto-reply" in your mailer (e.g. a vacation agent),
then your name will also be removed. It is up to you to check the list once your mailer becomes healthy again.
You may mail to Majordomo to find out which lists you are on by using the command


Please keep your E-mail address up to date and your mailer working. If you move or change your e-mail,
make sure that you let know by unsubscribing from the old address and
subscribing to the new.


To submit an article to be sent to all subscribers of the reflector, send the E-mail message to:

and it will be redirected to all members. If you reply to an article posted on the reflector,
most mailers will by default only send the reply to the individual who posted the original article.
You may choose to add the reflector's address to the reply if its content is of general interest.


We have few policies in place for the use of this mailing list. About all that we ask is that posters
stay on topics related to the HIPPI, and GSN.

Welcome to the ANSI X3T11 Mail Reflector and Redistribution List

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