HIPPI Test equipment is now available from different manufacturers. In general the tester developed in Los Alamos National Laboratories USA is seen as the reference. Equipment passing succesfully the set of test suites delivered with it are seen as fully HIPPI compliant. This tester has historically seen several popular names and can be find as "Wally Tester" after its developer Wally St. John, "LATester" the place where it comes from, was "IOSC Tester" the former name of its actual manufacturer was Avaika and the latest official name was HIPPI Tester.

The HIPPI Tester is not longer available.

HIPPI Test Equipment and Manufacturers

Essential EA 1004 and EA 1005 Portable HIPPI Analysers
A HIPPI Low level and protocol analyser

Slate Data Generator
A multipurpose Data Generator that can generate large blocks of predefined data.

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