Arie van Praag

Here is Arie working in the
CERN-High Performance Networking Lab
together with Tzvetomir Anguelov from
INRNE in Sofia.


Profesional: Publications: Hobbies:

MEMBER: High Performance Networking Forum ( HNF ) Board of Directors
MEMBER: Fibre Channel Association
MEMBER: PCI Special Interest Group

Professionally I am in the High Speed Interconnect project coordinator for questions and applications for the High Performance Network standards: HIPPI, Serial-HIPPI and GSN. This includes help for HIPPI, Serial-HIPPI and GSN at CERN and to other High Energy Physics Institutes. The World Wide Web pages are the information centre that is part of this work.
Any information on this data transfer technologies, new products, specifications and projects are always welcome and help to keep this pages as complete as possible.

As part of this information work I organised a HIPPI Demonstration network at the International Conference and Exhibition on High Performance Computing and Networking (HPCN) in Munich, Germany in 1994 and in Milan, Italy in May 1995.

From origin I am an aircraft engineer that started on Navigation Receivers in a time they were still build with tubes. Pleased with electronics I changed rapidly to design electronics hardware, As time went by, I have seen coming the first transistors and applied theme in simple logic circuits.
In 1964 I started to use integrated circuits in one of the first automatic scanning machines at CERN; Luciole 68. Since than I have seen many phases of electronics, moved to simulation of 50 MHz+ logoc devices build in ECL technology in the 1980's. The last development project is a series of HIPPI-PCI Interfaces that were build in a joint project with Digital Equipment Corporation (Joint Project Office), INRNE in Sofia and IHEP in Prodvino. My special interest in Serial-HIPPI made that it was proposed as an ANSI standard. Work on this subject at CERN debugged the first commercial products and made that now to day products from different vendors are compatible. What new ?? Well GSN is coming and it has all the capacity to prelude a fascinating period of new network connectivity.

Arie Van Praag

CH-1211 Geneva 23

Tel: +41 22 767 5034




Classical Music with a preference for:

Ancient Music: the time of troubadours and Minestrels
The baroque period, such as: J. P. Rameau, Charpentier, Marais, Monteclair, Teleman, Purcel and Bach
The late romantic period, such as: Brahms, Mahler, Shostakovitch


My artistic education and some Photos can be seen
in the pages of the CERN-Photo-Club

Where I have a long experience in Black and White and Colour Photography,
The Federation International de Photography ( FIAP ) has proofed my theses and accepted me as MFIAP.
For the moment I am preparing High Quality Digital Photography.

I am of coarse member of several photo clubs, as I have been active in organisation work
for the photographic community, from club level up to national and international manifestations.