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Dummy S-LINK Data Sheet

5.0 Timing Characteristics

The S-LINK timing characteristics are given in Table 3 and Table 4. For timing diagrams, consult the S-LINK Specification.

TABLE 3. Timing Characteristics: LSC
tENS-SEnable Set-up time9 ns
tENH-SEnable Hold time1 ns
tDS-SData Set-up time9 ns
tDH-SData Hold time1 ns
tCLK-SClock Cycle time1530ns
tWFF-SWrite Clock to Full Flag 12ns

TABLE 4. Timing Characteristics: LDC
tENS-DEnable Set-up time9 ns
tENH-DEnable Hold time1 ns
tDS-DData Set-up time9 ns
tDH-DData Hold time1 ns
tCLK-DClock Cycle time1530ns

Dummy S-LINK Data Sheet - 15 APR 1996
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