Simplex G-Link S-LINK Link Source Card Data Sheet



This Data Sheet describes a Simplex S-Link LSC which uses the HP G-Link HDMP-1022 Transmitter and optical or electrical physical medium.

Data Transfer Rate

The maximum clock rate (LCLK) is 40 Mhz. Minimum frequency of LCLK is  29.2 Mhz.
Since it is a simplex link, flow control is not available. The Uxoff# input is ignored.

Data Width Options

This S-Link is of switchable width and can be operated in the following two modes: The user has to make sure that the data width (UDW[1..0] inputs) have the same setting on both LSC and LDC.

Mapping into G-Link

This information is necessary for the Link Destination Card implementation. 20 bit single frame G-Link mode is used, odd parity bits of each four bits of D[15..0] are sent on the D[19..16] lines respectively. When 32bit S-LINK data width is selected by the UDW[1..0] lines, 32 bit S-Link words are sent in two 20 bit G-Link word. The G-Link FLAG indicates which half of the S-Link word has been received. The logic high value of FLAG means that the word is sent from UD[31..16] of S-LINK. In this mode the LSC will pull the Link Full Flag (LFF#) low whenever its input FIFO is full, which may mean that that LFF# goes low on every other dataword.  S-LINK control words are mapped into G-Link control words.

Selftest Mode

Self test mode is implemented in all operation modes according to the S-LINK specification. Test Data is Checked and the Data Error Led is illuminated and the LDERR# signal is pulled down on test data comparison error.

Return Lines

As this is a simplex S-Link, Return Lines are not used.

Led Indicators

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