Simplex G-Link Test Source Card Data Sheet


This Data Sheet describes a test data generator card which uses the HP G-Link  as its physical medium.
This card is using the same hardware as the simplex G-Link-S-LINK LSC, it differs from it in the FPGA configuration. Data is generated in an FPGA which is clocked with a 40 Mhz quartz oscillator. Parallel data is sent to the HDMP-1022 serialiser which transmits the serial data to the media interface. The media interface can be a laser transmitter or a coaxial (LEMO) connector.

Data Width

20 bit and Single Frame G-LINK mode is used

Data Transfer Rate

The parallel data rate is 40 Mhz. This corresponds to 960 Mbaud serial data rate since the G-Link sends 24 bit data with each 20 bit data word.
Flow control is not available.

Data Pattern

The card transmits data in packets which consist of a start of packet control word, 224 data words and an end of packet control word. Fill Frames are transmitted between the packets. Test data is transmitted on the 16 LSB of the data words. Bits 19-16 contain the odd parity of each four bits of the 16 LSB and can be used for error detection. E.g. bit 20 is the odd parity of bits 15-12.
Four different data patterns can be selected with the P1, P0 input signals (see Table 1).  A reset input signal is available to force the transmitter to send Fill Frames. It can be used for receiver synchronisation. These inputs are either TTL signals, on board switches or differential (RS-422) signals depending on the actual card configuration.
Table 1: Output Selection

Led Indicators

Simplex G-Link Test Source Card

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