Design recommendations for VME boards
that make use of
S-LINK boards on a transition module


Designers of VME boards such as the ATLAS ROD and ROB that will make use of a VME64X transition module to receive or send S-LINK data over the P2 or P3 connectors will have to take certain precautions to ensure the quality of the signals. The reason is that the signals must be transported over distances of up to 30 cm and that they will pass over several connectors and segments of transmission lines.

The following recommendations, based on extensive signal quality simulations, will guarantee a correct functioning of the system, even with different drivers of receivers of the signals. Basically the scheme selected will use series termination on all critical lines, except for the clock line which uses a parallel termination scheme as is recommended in the S-LINK specification.


Lines connecting to a Link Destination Card mounted on the transition module

Lines connecting to a Link Source Card mounted on the transition module

CERN - High Speed Interconnect - S-LINK
Silvio Orsi, Erik van der Bij - 13 April 2000