Remote control wiring for the PC farm

PC remote control connector

Each PC is fitted with a 9-pin female D-type connector which is connected internally to various pins on the PC motherboard. They are as follows:

Pin 4: PC Ground

This is simply connected to the ground plane on the PC motherboard.

Pin 8: Power state

This is connected to the pin which drives the power-on LED.

Pin 7: Power toggle

If this pin is driven high, the PC power state toggles.

Pin 2: Reset

If this is shorted to ground, the PC resets. This is the same as pushing the reset switch.

Diagram of the wiring in the connector. The colours refer to the colours of the wires inside the PC.

Remote control command cable

The connector can be connected to a cable which is sourced in the remote-control PC.

The pins have the same function and are wired as shown in the diagram. The colours refer to the colours of the wires in the cable.

Owen Boyle
26 Mar 1998