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4.0 S-LINK Usage Instructions

4.2 Maximum Clock Frequency and Data Transfer Rate

An S-LINK shall have a maximum clock frequency. This is defined as:

Note that the Data Transfer Rate depends on the physical implementation and the protocol used on the S-LINK. The Data Sheet which accompanies each S-LINK shall detail the Data Transfer Rate. The values of timing parameters are given in Table 3. Timing parameters which relate to the LSC are suffixed with a -S while those which relate to the LDC are suffixed with a -D.

TABLE 3. Timing Parameters
tDS-S, tDS-DData Set-up time10 ns
tDH-S, tDH-DData Hold time1 ns
tENS-S, tENS-DEnable Set-up time10 ns
tENH-S, tENH-DEnable Hold time1 ns
tWFF-SWrite Clock to Full Flag 12ns
tCLK-S, tCLK-DClock Cycle time25 ns
tCH-S, tCH-DClock High time11 ns
tCL-S, tCL-DClock Low time11 ns

The S-LINK Interface Specification - 27 MARCH 1997
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