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4.0 S-LINK Usage Instructions

4.14 Assignment of Unused Lines

It is intended that simplex and duplex S-LINKs and S-LINKs of different data width should be interchangeable as far as obvious limitations will allow. To ensure this, it is important that unused lines are assigned as defined in Table 15. Note that the assignments given in this table are also noted in the text.

TABLE 15. Assignment of Unused Lines
 on the motherboardon the S-LINK
Signal LinesSimplexDuplexSimplexDuplex
URL[3..0]Connect to GNDOutputNot connectedInput
LRL[3..0]Not connectedInputConnect to GNDOutput
UXOFF#Pull up to VccOutputNot connectedInput
UD[n..0]Connect to GNDConnect to GNDNot connectedNot connected
LD[n..0]Not connectedNot connectedConnect to GNDConnect to GND

The S-LINK Interface Specification - 27 MARCH 1997
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