Quad HOLA S-LINK to 64-bit/66 MHz PCI Interface


The FILAR (Four Input Links for Atlas Readout) is a highly integrated PCI interface that can move data from up to four HOLA S‑LINK channels to a 32-bit or 64-bit PCI bus that runs at 33 MHz or at 66 MHz. Four HOLA Link Destination channels are integrated on the FILAR. The channels are fully compatible to HOLA Link Source Cards and each can receive data at a speed of up to 160 MB/s. The PCI interface part is based on the design of the S32PCI64 interface.

FILAR (bottom side)

It is foreseen that the FILAR interface card will be used for testing, commissioning and installation of the ATLAS Readout Drivers.


The main features of the interface are:



9 January 2003 Schematics ready.
13 January 2003 PCB layout started.
5 February 2003 PCB layout completed, design files available in EDMS.
13 February 2003 PCB sent to fabrication, 12 boards expected in 4 weeks.
31 March 2003 First assembled prototype received from the CERN workshop.
4 April 2003 One prototype working, initial performance measurements: 468MB/s with 3 input channels.
24 September 2004 A total throughput of 1.7GB/s into memory was measured in a PC with 4 FILAR cards and 12 active input channels. For details see the following DAQ note.
29 July 2005 The FILAR is now commercially available from CERNTECH in Hungary.








Stefan Haas - 29 July 2005