SLIDAD, an S-LINK Infinite Data Drain

prototype of SLIDAD
Circuit no. 680-1110-100B


The SLIDAD is a stand-alone device that connects to the S-LINK connector of a Front-end Motherboard (FEMB). You can use it to test the hardware of a FEMB at its S-LINK interface without having to set up a real S-LINK with software on the receiving side.

You plug the SLIDAD instead of a Link Source Card on the FEMB, so it will show the data that is sent by the FEMB. You can see directly the data you send on LED's and you may connect a logic state analyser to the three 20-pin connectors. You may also set the values of the return lines. With the single-step mode you can even receive and check the data on a word-by-word basis. Advanced set-up and trigger files for HP16500 Logic State analysers are available.






  • CERN Engineering Data Management System (EDMS)


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