(Circuit no. 680-1110-350) 


SLITESTThe SLITEST is a board in VME form factor that can be used to test S-LINK Link Cards. The card can be used on a desk top with a seperate 5 Volt power supply. It can also be powered from a VME crate (only power is taken from VME, there is no control over VME possible).

For testing Link Source Cards, the SLITEST has to be used in conjunction with a SLIDAS, while for testing Link Destination Cards a SLIDAD is needed.

With the SLIDAS you can generate different datapatterns that are sent at full speed into a Link Source Card. A Link Destination Card in combination with a SLIDAD can be used to create an S-LINK data sink.

Basically the SLITEST is made to use SLIDAS and a SLIDAD cards "upside down". Normally those cards are used to test S-LINK Read-out Motherboards or Front-end Motherboards. As the S-LINK protocol is rather symmetrical on both sides of the link, the rather passive SLITEST board makes that the SLIDAS and SLIDAD can be used to test links.

The SLITEST features:






CERN - High Speed Interconnect - S-LINK
Erik van der Bij - 7 March 2001