ATLAS Level 1 Muon Trigger Interface (MUCTPI/MIROD)




MIROD with SLIDAD test tool mounted
The complete Muon to CTP Interface (MUCTPI) is built out of the following modules: 
  • MIOCT - Octant board IO controller
  • MIBAK - dedicated backplane
  • MICTP - Interface to the Central Trigger Processor
  • MIROD - Read-out Driver: outputs to ROB and ROI builder
The Muon Trigger Interface (MUCTPI) collects muon candidates from all SL blocks containing information on their pT and their position. It forms the total muon multiplicities at the six different pT thresholds which are then sent to the CTP of the LVL1. Additional functions of the MUCTPI are to provide data to the LVL2 trigger and to the DAQ system for events selected at LVL1. The LVL2 trigger is sent a formatted copy of the information on candidate muon tracks. This information is used to define regions of interest (RoIs) that drive the LVL2 muon­trigger processing. An RoI is a region in the detector where activity merits further investigation by the LVL2 trigger. The information sent to the LVL2 trigger is ordered, according to decreasing in pT. The DAQ system receives a more complete set of information, including in addition the computed multiplicity values.

MIROD: Interface board to the LVL2 trigger and to the DAQ

The MIROD sends data to the LVL2 trigger and to the DAQ. The  module has to collect data from the octant boards and the MICTP before sending them to the region of interest builder of the LVL2 trigger and the ROB of the DAQ system. The data used by the LVL2 trigger for the RoI generation belong to a single BCID. Within the window of data which is sent to the DAQ, the time slice for the data sent to LVL2 can be programmed in the MIROD.

Both the links to the Read-out Driver and to the RoI builder are S-LINK.


December 1999 MIROD schematics ready, PCB being designed. Will use 5V S-LINK
2 March 2000 PCB drawings have been reviewed
31 August 2000 MIROD tested with SLIDAD and working. End September data will be sent over real S-LINK
2 February 2001 Integration test of Muon-CTP-Interface (MUCTPI) with the Level-2 Region-of-Interest Builder (ROIB) done. Report available.
11 May 2001 Report on the integration tests of the Muon-CTP-Interface and the Readout System written



CERN - High Speed Interconnect - S-LINK
Erik van der Bij - 11 May 2001