NA48 KABES Readout


Block diagram of the KABES Readout


NA48 is going to use S-LINK for the optical connection between a PC and a custom VME module for the NA48 KABES (KAOn Beam Spectrometer) READ-OUT System. One side is SSPCI card and Single ODIN - the other side an ODIN mounted on a custom S-link interface.


Host PC

  • standard desktop PC equipped  S-link to PCI cards and Optical Dual G-link interfaces

Read-Out Crate

  • 6U VME64x crate

SLVME - Optical S-link to VME interface

  • high speed full duplex S-link optical connection (128 Mbyte/s S-link to PCI and 500 Kbit/s PCI to S-link)
  • L1 Trigger Strobe Optical Input(FanOut via  private bus)
  • L2 Trigger Word optical TAXI reciever(FanOut via  VME broadcast)
  • Timing/Control ECL Inputs(FanOut via private bus) 
  • VME bus
    • VME64x Master with 2eSST transfer mode
    • Private «alone on the bus» Master mode 

ROC - Read-Out Card

  • 48 TDCs channels (measurement of leading and trailing edges)
  • 6 HPTDC chips
  • L2 64 KByte on-board L2 Ring buffer
  • Built-in test capabilities
  • Slow control connection to KABES station
  • VME64x Slave , 2eSST transfer mode 



28 February 2002 First contact with S-LINK team
5 March 2002 Bought the following cards from the CERN Stores:   680-1110-950-5LSC1 ODIN Single LSC 3V3    5 V   680-1110-950-5LDC1 ODIN Single LDC 5V     5 V   680-1110-450       SSPCI:S-LINK to PCI    5 V   Cable LC/LC 50/125 Fiber LC/LC Duplex 30m   680-1110-400       SPCIS:PCI to S-LINK    5 V



CERN - High Speed Interconnect - S-LINK
Erik van der Bij - 26 March 2002