S-LINK Specifications

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S-LINK Specification

The S-LINK is defined in a single document. This document describes both the functionality of S-LINK cards and how they can be used on the Front-end Motherboard (FEMB) and Read-out Motherboard (ROMB).

S-LINK64: 64-bit extension specification

S-LINK64 is an extension to S-LINK to achieve a throughput of up to 800 MByte/sec. The S-LINK64 document complements the original S-LINK specification. Basically it adds a second connector that carries an additional 32 data lines and the maximum clock speed may be increased up to 100 MHz. No S-LINK64 links are expected to be available before the year 2002.

S-LINK Implementation Guide

For S-LINK designers, an implementation guide exists. This S-LINK implementation guide gives help for S-LINK designers. These are the people that are making the Link Source Card (LSC) and Link Destination Card (LDC), as opposed to the users, who are building the Front-end Motherboard (FEMB) and Read-out Motherboard (ROMB).

The implementation guide also contains a Frequently Asked Questions section which can be useful to link users as well. Also addresses are given of where to get the front-panel, standoffs, keying pins and the S-LINK connectors.

S-LINK Data Sheet

The S-LINK specification defines only the interface to the S-LINK. Therefore S-LINKs can be constructed using different physical media. Such S-LINKs may have different timing characteristics and data transfer rates. However, all S-LINKs will be accompanied by a Data Sheet which will detail these features. The user should therefore consult both the specification and the appropriate Data Sheet for the S-LINK which is to be used. A sample S-LINK datasheet is available.

Related Specifications

ATL-DAQ-98-129 The event format in the ATLAS DAQ/EF prototype -1
This note presents the event format to be used in the ATLAS DAQ/EF prototype -1. It covers the format of the data input to the Read-Out Crates from the Read-Out drivers and up to the input of the Event Filter. The proposed format is also the first step in defining the final ATLAS event format.

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