The S-LINK Interface Specification

Owen Boyle[1], Robert McLaren & Erik van der Bij, ECP Division, CERN.

S-LINK specifies a data-link which can be used to connect front-end to read-out at any stage in a dataflow environment. Examples could include sub-detector read-out into an event-builder or channel read-out into a data concentrator.

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This information has been created and made available by CERN. Please see the copyright statement in Section 10.0.

[1] Also Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland.
1.0 - Scope
2.0 - Features of the S-LINK
3.0 - Definitions
4.0 - S-LINK Usage Instructions
5.0 - Physical Description
6.0 - Electrical Description
7.0 - Pinout Diagrams
8.0 - S-LINK Type Naming Convention
9.0 - Finding and Printing this Document
10.0 - Copyright Statement
11.0 - Revision History
12.0 - Glossary

The S-LINK Interface Specification - 27 MARCH 1997