Fibre Channel Applications

HEP Projects

The following HEP projects are investigating the usability of Fibre Channel for their applications.

ALICE (1996)

In 1997 ALICE is not evaluating any interfaces anymore. They will wait until they have more time to do evaluations with newer type of interfaces. Preference is given to devices with TCP/IP drivers.

ATLAS (1996-)

CMS (1996-)

Euroball (1995-)

Euroball has been taking data since 1996 using Fibre Channel interface boards and an ANCOR Fibre Channel fabric. This uses 266 Mbps interfaces. In 1997 they are looking at an upgrade to go to 1 Gbps interfaces and using a new fabric.

NA48 (1994-)

NA48 is still taking data over links using Fibre Channel Optical Link Cards (OLC). They are thinking of making an upgrade for the receiving side of the links. This upgrade will be based on S-LINK.

DRDC (1995-1996)

Other Projects

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