Fibre Channel GigaRing Channel Interfaces

Fibre Channel interfaces to the GigaRing Channel, found in Cray Research machines, exist from:

Cray Research

Fibre Channel I/O Node (FCN-1)

The Fibre Channel I/O Node (FCN-1) provides connectivity to disk arrays or single disk drives with a Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FCAL) interface. Fibre Channel is a serial channel that has a 100 Mbyte/s peak bandwidth. There are five separate Fibre Channels on a single FCN-1, each connecting up to 40 primary drives and up to 40 alternate path drives or 80 total drives.

The FCN-1 supports both RAID-3 and RAID-5 configurations where the data and parity are striped across drives on a single Fibre Channel loop.

A single disk node on a GigaRing channel can provide access to up to 1.6 Tbytes of disk storage. Multiple channels and I/O nodes can be combined to provide quadrillions of bytes (petabytes) of disk capacity on your Cray Research computer system. This very large capacity per GigaRing channel lets you pursue larger problems and workloads than previously possible.

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