Fibre Channel PCI/PMC Interfaces

PCI or PMC Fibre Channel interfaces are or will be available from the following manufacturers:

Ancor Communications

FCS 266/1062 PCI Adapters

Optimized for low latency and high throughput, the FCS 266/1062 PCI Adapter provides 266 megabaud or 1.0625 gigabits per second communication between the host device and Fibre Channel network. Fibre-Channel-on-a-chip ASIC technology accelerates Fibre Channel protocol translation. An embedded RISC processor offloads communications tasks from the host CPU, controls all data transfers, and speeds performance through bus-mastered DMA transfers. Two megabytes of data buffering improves network utilization and end-to-end throughput.

On-board FLASH RAM makes installation of firmware updates and enhancements almost effortless.

Contact: Ancor Communications, Tel: +1 612 932 4000, Fax: +1 612 932 4037 


AHA®-F940 32-bit PCI-to-Fibre Channel Host Adapter

AHA®-F950 64-bit PCI-to-Fibre Channel Host Adapter


Adaptec is implementing their "Common HIM" software architecture (already rolled out on their newer SCSI products) on the Fibre Channel products. One of the key advantages to this approach is that a full suite of supported operating systems can be provided with the initial general release, which is scheduled for Q1 1997.

Contact: Marc Leavitt, Adaptec, Irvine, CA; Tel: +1 (714) 455-8124, Fax: +1 (714) 455-8108, E-mail: - 6-Jan-1998 

Advanced Storage Concepts


The ASC-FC1062 is a high speed Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) adapter that runs the SCSI protocol on top of the physical Fibre Channel layer. The serial data rate is an astounding 1.0625 GHz which translates to about 100 MBytes per second. The initial PC platform is 32-bit PCI but a 64-bit PCI version will follow.

Contact: Advanced Storage Concepts, Advanced Storage Concepts Contact Information 

ATTO Technology


ATTO ExpressPCI FC is a 64-bit PCI bus to Fibre Channel host bus adapter for servers, workgroups and workstations. The adapter supports arbitrated loop for storage area networks, fabric for server clustering and point-to-point for individual needs.  ATTO's exclusive Advanced Data Streaming (ADS(tm)) technology insures maximum performance for I/O and data intensive applications.

Product Features

Contact: ATTO Technology - 6-Jan-1998

Box Hill

Fibre Channel PCI Host Adapter for Windows NT


Contact: Box Hill - 16-Jan-1997 

Digital Equipment Corp.

MAYNARD, Mass., March 8, 1996 -- Digital Equipment Corporation's Storage Business Unit has chosen Fibre Channel as the standard serial SCSI technology for the StorageWorks family. See the Press Release CORP/96/221.

Contact: Digital Equipment Corp. 

Distributed Processing Technology (DPT)

SmartRAID V PCI Fibre Channel RAID Controller


Distributed Processing Technology (DPT) - Distributed Processing Technology Sales - 14-Aug-1996 

DY 4

PMC-650 Ruggedised PMC Fibre Channel adapter

Extended temperature air-cooled and conduction-cooled for hars environment military and aerospace applications. Dual-redundant.

Contact: DY4 - 9-Oct-1997


LP7000 Fibre Channel PCI Host Bus Adapter


LP3000 PCI Host Bus Adapter


LP3000DC Dual Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter


Contact: USA: Bob Thomson, Emulex Corporation, E-m:, Tel: +1 714 662 5600, Fax: +1 714 513 8265
Europe: Alan Wallman, Emulex Europe, England, Tel: +44 118 977 2929, Fax: +44 118 977 3237
and Jean-Marc Peuron, Emulex Europe, France, Tel: +33 1 4 191 1990, Fax: +33 1 4 191 1999 - 23-Aug-1998


TURBOfibre FC-10632P

The TURBOstor FC-10632P PCI Fibre Channel disk controller interfaces PCI-based DEC Alpha AXP computers and Intel computers to Seagate Barracuda-4 (ST15150FC) Fibre Channel disk drive as well as other Fibre Channel devices (including FC-10632P's).

TURBOfibre FC-10632M

The TURBOstor FC-10632M PMC Fibre Channel disk controller interfaces PMC-based computers to Seagate Barracuda-4 (ST15150FC) Fibre Channel disk drives as well as other Fibre Channel devices (including other FC-10632M's).

Contact: GENROCO, Inc, 205 Kettle Moraine Drive North, Slinger, WI 53086, USA
Tel: +1 414-644-8700, Fax: +1 414-644-6667, E-m:  


PCI and PMC (4526) compatible Fibre Channel boards.

The boards have the following features:



Contact: Interphase, Interphase contact information 


1.063 Gbps FibreStar PCI Fibre Channel Communications Adapters

Contact: Jaycor - 23-July-1997 

Performance Technologies

PCI 470 PCI Fibre Channel adapter

FC-AL Arbitrated Loop, Class 3, Solaris and NT drivers.

Contact: Performance Technologies - 9-Oct-1997


QLA2100 64-bit PCI-to-Fibre Channel Adapter

Product Features

QLogic - QLogic contact information - 17-Jul-1997 


Raidtec FibreRAIDTM PCI


Contact: Raidtec - 7-Jan-1998 


SYM40940 I2O ready Fibre Channel Host Adapter

The Symbios Fibre Channel host adapter is based on the SYMF920 Fibre Channel Protocol Controller chip developed by Symbios.


Contact: Symbios, Symbios Logic Sales Representatives and Distributors - 8-Jul-1997 


FibreXpress Hardware

PCI with 512K on-board SRAM memory buffer

PCI with 1MB on-board SRAM memory buffer

PMC with 1MB on-board SRAM memory buffer


Contact: Tom Bohman, Systran, Tel: +1 513 252 5601 ext. 230, Fax: +1 937-252-1465, E-mail: - 6-Jan-1998


StudioBOSS FC Adapter card

StudioBOSS FC uses 200 MB/s Transoft FC-PCI or -GIO-64 Adapter cards at each workstation. StudioBOSS FC cabling maybe either copper twin-ax (30 meters between nodes) or fibre optic (10 km between nodes). Each adapter card also includes a Gigabit Link Module (GLM). - 15-Apr-1997

Contact: Transoft Technology Corporation (Transoft)

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