Fibre Channel S-bus Interfaces


S-bus Fibre Channel interfaces exist or will exist from the following manufacturers:

Ancor Communications

The S-bus Ancor Fibre Channel Communications Interface Module (CIM) is a 266 megabaud network interface card. It links workstations, processors and peripherals via a Fibre Channel fabric. 

Box Hill

Fibre Channel SBus Host Adapter for Solaris


Contact: Box Hill - 16-Jan-1997


TURBOstor FC-10632S

The TURBOstor FC-10632S SBus FibreChannel disk controller interfaces SBus-based computers to Seagate Barracuda-4 (ST15150FC) FibreChannel disk drives as well as other FibreChannel devices (including FC-10632S's).

TURBOstor FC-10664S

The TURBOstor FC-10664S SBus Fibre Channel disk controller interfaces 64 bit SBus-based computers to Seagate Barracuda-4 (ST15150FC) Fibre Channel disk drives as well as other Fibre Channel devices (including FC-10664S's).

Contact: GENROCO, Inc, 205 Kettle Moraine Drive North, Slinger, WI 53086, USA
Tel: +1 414-644-8700, Fax: +1 414-644-6667, E-m:  

Jaycor Networks Inc.

FibreStar S-bus to Fibre Channel adapter

Contact: Jaycor Networks Inc. - 23-July-1997 


Sun has a S-bus adapter for the RAID Mass-Storage Subsystem. Details for the whole system can be found from the description from Sun. The software for it supports only their own RAID Mass storage system and no IP or direct channel. Sun has signed an agreement with Ancor Communications which possibly will make that the Sun adapters will provide networking connectivity.

For more information contact Deeanna Franklin, Sun Microsystems Computer Company at (415) 336- 7226. 


FibreXpress S-bus interface



Contact: Tom Bohman, Systran, Tel: +1 513 252 5601 ext. 230, Fax: +1 937-252-1465, E-mail: - 6-Jan-1998

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