Fibre Channel Testers


Fibre Channel testers will be needed to test both low level protocol functions (such as Link Initialization) as well as high-level protocol functions such as SCSI protocols.


There are several manufacturers of Fibre Channel testers:

ANCOT Corporation

The ANCOT Fibre Channel Analyzer, Model FCA-5000 is a tool for development, integration, and repair of Fibre Channel based systems. This instrument attaches nonintrusively to both fibres (In & Out) of the fibre link to monitor and record all activity. When recording is stopped, it can play back and portray on the screen every facet of information about activity on the fibre link. The display format is in plain English for ease of understanding. Packaged in a transportable enclosure, it is well suited for work in the laboratory as well as for field applications where versatility and high reliability are important.

Contact: Ancot Corporation, 115 Constitution Drive, Menlo park, California 94025, Tel: +1 415 322 5322, Fax: +1 415 322 0455 

Finisar Corporation

The GLA-2000 from Finisar Corporation tests a complete high speed serial communications link from parallel data transmitted to parallel data received. It stimulates the parallel interface with words up to 40 bits wide and aggregate data rates up to 1.25 Gbps.

Contact: Finisar Corporation, Mountain View, CA; Tel: +1 415-691-4000; Fax: +1 415-691-4010; E-m: or 


Fibre Channel Product Line

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Fibre Channel Tester

The Fibre Channel tester and analyser that has been developed in a collaboration between CERN, RMKI and Hewlett-Packard/Geneva is portable and cheap. Up to four test boxes can be controlled by a personal computer via a PCMCIA interface, making up a complex test system. This test system has several working modes: single and double line monitor, signal generator, N_Port emulator, fabric tester and fabric emulator. It can help the hardware and software development of N_Ports and F_Ports using correct and corrupted FC data bytes, data words, ordered sets, frames and protocols. It can also be used for testing upper level protocols, such as IP and SCSI. The tester can emulate different data sources for the development of FC equipment (data acquisition systems, event builders, etc.) used in high energy physics laboratories. It uses the 266 MBaud data transmission speed and can have electrical, LED and laser signal interfaces.

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Fibre Channel Pre-processor

The KFKI-RMKI Fibre Channel Preprocessor is a portable instrument that can be used together with the Logic Analyzers of HP to monitor the data transfer between FC devices. Numerous data acquisition and triggering modes allow capturing and storing of any type of correct or corrupted FC frames and Ordered Sets.

Contact: Gyorgy Rubin, Detector Section KFKI - RMKI, Research Institute for Solid State Physics, H-1525 Budapest, POB 49, Hungary, E-m:, Tel: +361 169 65 75, Fax: +361 169 53 80 


Test Systems for Fibre Channel

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