CERN HIPPI Lab in 1994

The HIPPI Lab is CERN's facility to give engineers and physicists a change to get familiar with the HIPPI technology. It is used to test commercial available equipment and of CERN developed new equipment. Often the architecture of this experimental network is adapted to the requirements of ongoing tests. The figure should as such be seen as the base architecture. The HIPPI Lab is open for users from outside CERN in a limited way.

 Schematic overview of the CERN HIPPI Lab

 Equipment installed in the HIPPI Lab



  1. NSC PST a 8 X 8 switch of 1991, It is not compliant with logical addressing but has a special interface card to connect to the IBM 3090-J
  2. NSC PS32 equipped with for switch boards or 8 X 8.
  3. AVIAKA ( IOSC 8X8 ) equipped as 4 X 4
Test Equipment and Data Generation


  1. One or more AVAIKA Channel Testers (LATESTER)
  2. CERN HIPPI Testbox
  3. Slate data Generator
Processors that can be connected


  1. 2 HP 735 workstations
  2. CES RIO VMEbus Module with MIPS processor
  3. IBM 6000
  4. DIGITAL AXP workstation with HIPPI - Turbochannel Interface

Arie van Praag, CERN ( ).