HSI Members - Erik van der Bij

Development of Electronic Modules

Since September 2002 Erik van der Bij is Group Leader of the TS-DEM group that provides CERN-wide support for layout, production and assembly of printed circuit boards, flexible circuits, ceramic hybrids and fine pitch detectors.


Between 1995 and 2002, Erik worked on the S-LINK project. He helped draft the S-LINK specification and is author of the implementation guide. He co-ordinated the sub-projects, of which most are done outside CERN. He kept close contact with the final users to establish a list of suggestions for possible improvements to the S-LINK specification. Furthermore he has designed PMC and PCI S-LINK Source and Destination interfaces and guided S-LINK designs done at CERN, such as the ODIN, HOLA and S32PCI64. He also reviewed designs using S-LINK that are made outside CERN.

ATLAS Front-end links

To help the ATLAS Front-end link community in building gigabit links, Erik has also made an overview of serialiser components and he has also built S-LINK boards that use the Hewlett Packard G-LINK components. Those boards are compatible to radtolerant ASIC serialiser designs done at CERN and by Princeton University.

CERN Digital CAE Users Group chairman

Between 1998 and 2003 Erik was chairman of the CERN Digital CAE Users Group, a committee that oversees and guides the computing support for digital-electronics engineering.

Fibre Channel

Between November 1993 and December 1998, Erik has been the representative of CERN for the Fibre Channel Association. Furthermore he has organised a Fibre Channel network at the International Conference and Exhibition on High Performance Computing and Networking (HPCN) which was held in Milan, Italy in May 1995.

Between 1992 and 1999 Erik has been the Fibre Channel coordinator for the High Speed Interconnect project. He provided help to Fibre Channel projects at CERN and to other High Energy Physics Institutes. This included providing information via the World Wide Web on Fibre Channel products, specifications and projects at CERN. This web server was used by many people from outside High Energy Physics as well. As the LHC experiments have lost interest in the use of Fibre Channel in the data acquisition system and event builders, Erik has stopped this role since 1 January 1999.


Erik has designed a 100 MB/s HIPPI interface for VME and for transputers in 1990 and 1991. The design was bought by Hewlett Packard for use in the HP9000/700 series workstations HP HIPPI Link Series J2069A product (page 1, page 2, performance).

Contact information

Erik van der Bij
CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research
TS-department / F03210
CH-1211 Geneva 23
Tel : +41 22 767 8645
Fax : +41 22 767 2650
E-mail : Erik.van.der.Bij@cern.ch

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