Speakers and Presentations:
Presentation of the COMPAQ CS and HPTC groups, Jean-Jacques Braun, Compaq Annecy.
Compaq HPC strategy and offer, Dominique Gillot
Compaq European HPC Marketting manager
High Performance Networking at IBM. Luigi Brochard, IBM IT Architect, ISU Education&Recherche
GSN Projects at CERN, GSN-Optical & GSN to OC48c. Arie Van Praag, CERN It Division.
High Performance Clustering and GSN. Joe Head, ODS Senior Vice President of Technology
GSN and ST for Network independent Storage. Alberto Guglielmi, GENROCO
GSN activities at PMR.
Bob Pearson, PMR
Ciprico Raid Areas for SAN's. Nick Sundby, CIPRICO.

Centra Vision SAN Software. Steve Rovarino, ADIC. And a white paper on SAN Storage