RD13: DAQ system, Event Building

Within the framework of RD13, the usability of Fibre Channel in a Data Acquisition System is studied.

RD13 provides a general purpose DAQ system based on VME. When high-speed Fibre Channel cards based on VME and PCI will become available, they will integrate these in their system. The preference is for VME cards where the dataflow does not go over VME, but over a local PCI bus to local memories. The VME bus will be used for control purposes.

RD13 has modelled event builders based on HIPPI and Fibre Channel. An event builder using a single 256x256 switch has been simulated. They have proposed and simulated a large two-stage event builder and compared the results of the single and two-stage event builders in the paper "Design and Simulation of Fibre Channel Based Event Builders" (postscript, 300 KB).

For more information contact Ralf Spiwoks, E-m: Spiwoks@cern.ch, Tel: +41 22 767 8046

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