As part of the RD31 (P36) DRDC project, simulations of switches used as event builder are made. Different technologies such as ATM and Fibre Channel are studied. Contacts are established with manufacturers to get realistic switch parameters such as latency and throughput.

As part of this work, Jean-Pierre Dufey has written the "Problem statement for Fiber Channel event-builder modelling " (Postscript, 135 KB). This document is intended for specialists of Fibre Channel Technology, not familiar with High Energy Physics, who are interested to evaluate how the technology could be applied in this specific field. It gives an elementary description of the problem and proposes several simplified architectures of data acquisition systems suitable for a first modelling approach.

Contact Jean-Pierre Dufey, Tel: +41 22 7674408, E-m: Dufey@cern.ch for more information.

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